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The Low-Fat-Recipe Collection on Garu's Kitchen Recipes. Each recipe is Easy and Simple with Step by Step Photos and videos.

Spring Roll Dosa Recipe | Schezwan Dosa Recipe
Soya Nutri Sabzi Recipe | Soya Nuggets Sabzi Recipe | Soya Bean Chunks Sabji recipe
3 Beans Salad Recipe - Indian style | Stir Fry Bean Recipe | Three Beans Salad Recipe
Mixed bean salad Recipe | 5 Bean Salad Recipe | High Protein Mexican Salad Recipe
Beetroot Pasta Recipe | How to make beet pasta | Beet Pasta Recipe in Red Sauce
Stir Fry Cabbage Recipe | Chinese style Patta Gobhi ki Sabji Recipe | Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe
Pink Dosa Recipe | Beetroot Dosa Recipe | Healthy Paper Dosa Recipe
Bottle Gourd Juice Recipe | Lauki Juice Recipe | Ghiya Juice Recipe | Dudhi Juice Recipe
Beetroot Carrot Soup Recipe | Beet Soup Recipe | Chukandar Gajar Soup Recipe
Aloo Masala Stuffed Appe Recipe | Potato Stuffed Appam Recipe | Suji Appam Recipe stuffed with Potato Masala
Bread Upma Recipe | Bread Poha Recipe | Easy Bread Snacks Recipe
Sooji Balls Recipe | Suji Balls Recipe | Rava Balls Recipe | Veg Sooji Balls Recipe - Chinese style
Masala oodles Recipe | Saffola Oodles Recipes | Oats Noodle Recipe | Quick Snack Recipe | Round Noodle
Restaurant style Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe | How to make Tomato Soup
Tofu Veggie stir fry Recipe | Tofu Vegetable Salad Recipe | Vegetable Salad Recipe
no fry bread roll | healthy version of bread roll recipe | bread appam recipe | bread appe stuffed with potato masala
egg bhurji recipe | anda bhurji recipe | masala scrambled eggs recipe | egg masala bhurji recipe
rava dhokla recipe | instant semolina dhokla recipe | sooji dhokla recipe | how to make rava dhokla in microwave
restaurant style set dosa recipe | sponge dosa recipe | south indian pancakes recipe | set dose recipe
bread dahi vada recipe | instant dahi vada recipe | bread ke dahi bhalle recipe